Spatiotemporal extensions for mlr3

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This package extends the mlr3 package framework by spatiotemporal resampling and visualization methods.

Resampling methods

Currently, the following ones are implemented:

  • Spatial CV using k-means clustering after Brenning2012 (ResampleCVKmeans) (package sperrorest))

The following ones are planned:

  • “Spatial Blocking” (package blockCV)
  • “Environmental Blocking” (package blockCV)
  • “Buffering” (package blockCV)

Spatial tasks

  • Task “ecuador” -> mlr_tasks$get("ecuador")

Visualization methods


———. 2012. “Spatial Cross-Validation and Bootstrap for the Assessment of Prediction Rules in Remote Sensing: The R Package Sperrorest.” In 2012 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 5372–5.